Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Look at our nice rocks! We can rarely leave a place without taking a souvenir. All of the walking sticks have become "floral arrangements" in the planters by our front door. The shells are displayed on a table on the porch. Leaves and flowers are photographed and pressed. And the rocks from our trips get put in our rock tumbler. The hardest part is keeping everyone's rocks separate. We like to use old butter tubs to store our respective rocks until someone has enough for a load in the tumbler.

We display the rocks in decorative dishes about the house. You can dust them off easily by dumping the rocks on the floor, then rubbing and rolling them around on the carpet. We like to remember where certain rocks were found. Good memories. Here are some particularly interesting ones from this last load (from Wisconsin).


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Those are beautiful rocks! Do you just have a basic tumbler? I think I've seen them at Hobby Lobby.

juliecache said...

Good question. I have a fancy vibratory tumbler from my grandmother, who spared no expense while educating me and simultaneously pursuing her rockhound interests. She truly homeschooled me. You can use a basic tumbler and have the same results, but I was told that it takes longer than the vibratory tumbler.