Monday, August 18, 2008

100 Species Challenge

Specimen #2. Round-lobed Hepatica
Hepatica americana
Photo by me, taken at Tomahawk Scout Reservation (summer camp for Boy Scouts)
You can find a picture of the plant in flower here.

I was introduced to this flower during college. I remember my roommate, who geocaches (but whose geocaching name I cannot recall -- her dh is here), stated that Hepatica was rather rare where we lived. I don't know if I saw it at the time it was mentioned. She may have pointed it out during a walk at the Iowa Arboretum. I know I saw it for the first time in Maquoketa Caves State Park when I visited in May 2004. I found plenty of it while at Tomahawk.

Having my trusty all-purpose field guide (I decided to pack just ONE field guide) with me, I learned that Round-lobed Hepatica likes acidic soil. The Northwoods of WI definitely would supply acidic soil with all of the pine needles littering the ground.

Although this plant flowers early in spring, I spotted a few dried, faded flowers still attached to the plant. I am sure the lack traffic in this area was the reason for this.

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