Monday, August 25, 2008

100 Species Challenge -- Species # 8

Specimen #8. Yellow Violet

Viola pubescens

This is been a flower I've pursued since childhood. Finding violets that are white and blue is easy. Always has been. Even with a woodland for a backyard during my childhood, I had only seen yellow violets in books. Or rather, one book, _Flowers_, by Herbert Zim.

Since I started leading the kids in nature walks in Polk County, I seem to find yellow ones frequently. The kids think it is funny that they did not have to wait until adulthood to see a yellow violet, but I did.

We have seen this springtime flower at Thomas Mitchell Park, Walnut Woods, and Browns Woods. Geocaches abound in these parks. They really add a new dimension to the same old trails and woods.

As a follow up to my Thomas Mitchell Park experience, the one that yielded no geo-joy, the one where I took this picture, I did find two caches in Altoona on the way home -- Enabling Gardens and Pizza Ranch. No time to look them up now, but I am pretty sure that the Pizza Ranch cache is gone. Development does that some times.

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