Sunday, June 15, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

DH Mr. GAIN and I went for a walk along the Des Moines River Thursday afternoon. Here is a photo of the overfull river near a local geocache (that we never found). Click on the photo and read the sign on the railroad bridge.

We also drove to Ames Thurday, and to Boone twice last week -- Sunday (not today) and Friday.
The big difference between Sunday and Friday was that standing water in the field was lower and river water was higher. Here is a picture of the Des Moines River at Highway 17 southbound -- it is almost up to the road!

The USGS link in my sidebar is pretty interesting. I think the flooding is not as bad in Des Moines as it was in 1993 because this year, only the Des Moines River has flooded. In 1993, both were flooded. The Raccoon River is high, though. You can check real-time data at the USGS site. Stay dry and safe!

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