Monday, March 24, 2008

Caching in the District

After a long absence from caching (the weather, you know), I was able to get some very cool virtuals during Spring Break in Washington, D.C. last week. Here is one the kids renamed, "Ultimate Bird Perch." They hoped that any art they create in the future would not be used by birds, unless that was their intent. We are unsure if the artist wanted birds to use his sculpture or if he even considered birds during the design process. Would he consider birds to be art? asset or liability?

Caching in the District calls for many virtual caches, which is OK. No one wants to cause alarm with suspicious looking containers. And virtuals are somewhat rare since they have been replaced by waymarking. So that is kind of neat.

The most challenging aspect of virtuals in this area were fulfilling the photo aspect. We weren't carrying a camera on the day that I planned to visit most of the virtuals because of a White House tour (see the prohibited items list here). Thank you to A.J. for arranging the tour. I highly recommend a visit of the District to everyone, cacher or not. Peace to all!

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