Friday, September 14, 2007


One of the nice things about geocaching is the places it takes you. "I" of GAIN and I attended a local geocachers' get together this month. This is the first time one of my children has accompanied me. The community decided to release new geocaches at the get togethers, and this month had many new ones to find. One of them is near this big art.

We've passed this thing for about a month now, and today we pulled over to look at it up close. It is very large. I wonder how it stands up to the wind and if its weight is the only thing keeping it anchored to the ground. It must be heavy. The thing about it that bothers me is that the boy is shown from the waist up. Is the rest of him in the ground? The approach from the road makes the perspective opposite of what it ought to be, in my opinion. It ought to be on the other side of the road.

We weren't quick enough to photograph the horses over in the next field. The gravel road was somewhat busy while we visited today. Fortunately, we found a driveway to park the van. Parking is always a challenge in our geocaching. And this was one micro-cache that we were quick (and happy) to find. "G" is the one most opposed to hunting micro's. He also the most enthusiasm to join me in geocaching. He got a kick out of the micro-pencil. The pencil was a nice, considerate move on the hider's part. We signed the log with a pen that "G" brought along (be prepared!). It was much easier to use than the micro-pencil.

Would we have taken a closer look if a geocache had not been there? Maybe, maybe not. Geocaching certainly adds a sense of urgency. Happy finding, everyone!

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