Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yes, I made it to 100

All ball games were cancelled because of the massive rainfall. So I was able to reach my 100th milestone this evening after the sky decided to stay clear. I had tried this cache, GCM2R1 streetcar trail, before, but I had the outdated coordinates. The newer ones worked much better. I'm never sure about where to park for this bike trail.

The gps-r had low batteries for many days before I reached this cache. Tonight, as I went to get my 101st find, they ran out. I found the cache, replaced the batteries, but couldn't get the power on. I was impatient to get out and find more geocaches. I panicked! What would I do? There was still daylight and no mosquitoes. I made a couple calls, got advice, but it didn't help. Was there a reset button that I didn't know about? I couldn't get the thing on when I plugged it into the car's power supply either. Argh!

I went home and looked in the manual. Troubleshooting. The unit won't turn on. New batteries? Yes. Properly aligned batteries? Yes. Did I hold the power button for a full two seconds? Maybe. I don't remember how long I held the button. I am pretty impatient. So I re-cleaned the contacts, re-checked the alignment of the batteries, then pressed and held the power button and counted to two. Ta-da! The display came up. I felt relieved that the gps-r was working, but frustrated that it would have worked while the sun was still up, enabling me to get to more hides. I drove home in the daylight! That just seems wrong when the weather is beautiful.

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